AlterConf is a traveling conference that promotes inclusivity and equity for marginalized people in tech. The speakers present on many topics, all centered on a common theme: gender, sexual orientation, skin color, and even your job title, can result in discriminatory practices and microagressessions. To survive in tech, it’s expected that you conform to the culture created by cisgender, straight, white men.

  • I heard from the engineer responsible for introducing the salary spreadsheet that exposed Google’s inequitable pay practices.
  • I heard from janitorial staff—abused, ignored, and taken advantage of—asking to be treated fairly and for the opportunity to make a living wage.
  • I also heard from the engineer who fought to incorporate non-binary gender options in Pinterest’s signup form.

Attend your local AlterConf, donate, or even sign up to be a speaker if you have a story to share. It’s time to bring diversity to tech, but it must be done right—no one should be ignored, or invalidated. Invite diversity to the party, but don’t forget to welcome it with a hug and some delicious boba tea.

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